The Administration




Justin grew up around pools. As young as 12 years old, he was an LIT learning as an apprentice everything he could  about becoming a lifeguard. The rest is history. Justin has over 14 years of Aquatic Management experience and Human Resources Management Experience . Even more so, Justin is an award winning educator and leader. In 2015  and 2016 he won best small business for education.   In 2017 Justin won a Presidential award for Education and Community Service. In 2017, Justin led over 40+ teachers where his building earned a FAST grant providing building wide academic support in mathematics, English language arts, and social-emotional learning to help the students and their families. Even More so, Justin’s training center won 2017 and 2018’s  Top American Red Cross Training Center in the state of NJ, topping major commercial pool  companies and competitors who have been in the industry 25+ years. Justin is a visionary leader who promotes a culture of mindfulness and self-care. He is a member of the following professional groups:



3. East Brunswick Regional Chamber Of Chamber of Commerce.

4. Leader of CPR and Lifeguard Training Instructor/Instructor Trainer Network

5. Human Resources Professionals

Justin loves to play with his dog in his spare time, play board games, watch wrestling, the  Chicago Series, and spend time with his friends and family. 



Director of Operations

Will has been with the company since it’s birth. Will an Instructor Trainer in his own right, oversees all of our Instructor Trainers, our amazing website, scheduling database, and everything IT based to make sure our customers have the smoothest experience with our registration and communication. Will brings humor that does not go unnoticed and the customers flock and beg to be in his training classes due to the comfort he provides. 



Director of Human Resources / Customer Support

Tashaya has over 18 years of Customer Support experience working for the State  of NJ.  Tashaya is amazing working with our clients and staff, that two years ago she was promoted to Director of Human Resources. Tashaya works closely with every team member to ensure that Certifications For Life is compliant with all of the laws. She also ensures that our work environment is warm, welcoming, and safe. 



Director of Professional Development and Instructor Training. Rob has been with Certifications For Life for over 5 years. He teaches lifeguard training, CPR/AED/ first aid training and many other courses. Rob provides rigorous training where our course participants feel confident and prepared! 



Social Media Manager

Bernadette is the woman behind our amazing social media content on all of our social media platforms. She is also the woman behind our amazing monthly newsletters. Bernadette is up on all of the trends to make businesses successful. Bernadette runs her own Social Media business  helping many small businesses all over the world. We are so fortunate to have her on our team. 

Lifeguarding Instructor Trainers



Felicia has over 14 years of Aquatic Management and Human Resources Management in the commercial pool industry. A fun fact, Felicia got trained to be a lifeguard instructor in the very same class that Justin did at Rutgers University. Felicia is currently studying to become a nurse. You will see Felicia at many of our instructor/ instructor review classes. 



The proud owner of Safety Solved, LLC. Laurian is an innovator and a leader in the American Red Cross Training Industry. Laurian was chosen to teach many of the instructor level courses. Every participant that has come to our instructor academies raves about her teaching,guidance, and passion regarding American Red Cross Training. We are so honored to have Laurian fly all the way from Colorado to teach. 

Meet The Team



Top ARC Instructors High Quality Trained ARC Instructors. Lauren is graduating TCNJ in two years with a Masters in Special Education and Elementary Education. She is new to teaching Lifeguard Training Courses, but has been a lifeguard all her life. Lauren is also an Assistant Aquatics Supervisor overseeing staffing and the Learn to Swim Program at a local day camp in central NJ. She loves working with kids and with the teens. 



Senior Instructor Top ARC Instructors High Quality Trained ARC Instructors. Josh has over 4 years of Teaching Experience and teaches all of our classes. Josh was hand chosen by Justin to become a trainer after being one of Justin's lifeguards for many years. Josh has a way of connecting with his students and making the training fun. Due to his hard work and experience, Josh is a Senior Instructor. 



Annalise has a couple years of teaching experience. Annalise is a competitive swimmer in college where she attends Rowan University. She is studying Accounting. Annalise has been a lifeguard for many years where she guarded for some of the top commercial  pool companies in NJ. Justin chose Annalise after seeing a video of her competing in one of her swim meets. Annalise is a power house and does a great job at making skills look easy. She also provides extra attention to detail which goes a long way in getting to know our course participants. 



Samantha has been an instructor for over a decade. Not only has she trained hundreds of lifeguards, she has over a decade of staff management experience with the most elite Commercial Pool Companies in NJ, PA, DE, NY, and MD. When she is not training teams and lifeguards, she is spending time with her husband and her two children. We are honored to have Samantha apart of our team. 



Ilana's smile is contagious. She is also full of life and positive energy. You can always find a way to laugh and have fun with her in your training classes. Ilana brings years of lifeguard training, and assistant swim instruction management at one of the most elite day camps in NJ. Like many others, Ilana has taken our lifeguard training classes where she excelled. There is no one any better. 


Senior Instructor

Jacob has an amazing background. He is an EMT and an Instructor. Jacob was chosen to be an instructor after taking classes with Certifications For Life for so many years. Jacob provides clear instruction and models skills to perfection. Before becoming an instructor, Jacob was a lifeguard for many years guarding at one of the elite day camps in central NJ. 



Isabel just finished her Lifeguard Instructor Academy. Isabel lifeguards for an elite day camp in central NJ. Justin noticed her potential and requested her to take the training due to her star power. The rest is history. We can not wait for Isabel to cement her name in our training school history. 



Nicole is a recent college grad who is looking to make her mark in the aquatic industry. She is a certified lifeguard and lifeguard instructor. Not only does she train lifeguards, she is also a Regional Manager for one of the top Commercial Pool Companies in NJ. Nicole knows how to connect to her lifeguards and connect the training to everyday experiences. The lifeguards are lucky to have such a strong mentor and trainer. 

First Aid/CPR Instructors